Course of Study Sheet

Course of Study Sheet

Coursework builds upon and extends knowledge and skills previously developed.  The major areas of emphases are program evaluation, clinical and administrative  supervision, and advocacy.

Year One

Summer    CEPD  9171 Program Evaluation
                  CEPD  9184 Seminar I:  Professional Issues*

Fall            CEPD  9183 Directed Doctoral Research
                  EDSI    9961 Quantitative Research*

Spring       EDSI    9962 Qualitative Methods in School Improvement*
                  CEPD  9186 Internship*


Year Two

Summer   CEPD  9199 Dissertation (3)
                 CEPD  9185 Seminar II:  Advocacy*

Fall           CEPD  9187 Supervision
                 CEPD  9199 Dissertation (3)

Spring     CEPD   9199 Dissertation (3)
                CEPD   9186 Internship*