Professional Counseling and Supervision Dissertations

Please see below the titles of evaluation studies completed by Ed.D. students in fulfillment of the dissertation requirement.  The professional practice dissertation requires candidates to evaluate a program being delivered in their work settings.


2009 Cohort  (2011 Graduates)

Hartline, Julie  Training School Counselors to Close the Achievement GAP   
Advisor: Dr. Debra Cobia

Nguyen, Helen  Students in the Middle:  The Influence of Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) on Middle and High School Students' Academic Achievement and Academic Decision Making    
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Richardson, Julia  Promoting Developmental Assets among High School Freshmen:  The Link Crew Program      
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Ruddell, Mandy  Love & Logic:  Influence on Teacher Student Relationships and Classroom Climate  
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia


2010 Cohort  (2012 Graduates)

Boisjolie, Stephanie   A Collaborative Program to Improve School Attendance Among At-Risk Students:  A Program Evaluation      
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Entrekin, Hayley   The Matrix Program:  An Evaluation of a Stimulant Specific Substance Abuse Program      
Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

Fincher, Linda   The Effect of A/B Scheduling Through Interventions on Achievement:  A Program Evaluation    
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Hill, Jean   Partial Implementation of Steps to Respect:  Evaluation of Program Components to Prevent Elementary-Aged Bullying     
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Schmitt, Susan   Participation in the Head Sprout Reading Comprehension Program and Differences in Reading Ability of At-Risk Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students:  A Program Evaluation                 
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Williams, Donjanea   Pre-Service Professional Practice and Employability:  A Career Services Program Evaluation Study    
Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard


2011 Cohort (2013 Graduates)

Davison, Katonya  The FOCUS Afterschool Program:  An Evaluation of Participants' Reading and Math Achievement Scores, Discipline Referrals and Attendance
Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

Lanier, Larke  Effects of Cross-Age Tutoring in Reading with At-Risk First and Second-Grade Students
Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish

McDermott, Carolyn  Amigos:  An Evaluation of a Cross-Age Mentoring Program for Elementary English Language
Advisor:  Dr. Susan Boes

Peek, Sarah, D.  Positive Behavior Supports and its Effects on Student Behavior:  A Program Evaluation
Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Revere, Dawn EThe Effectiveness of Education 2020 in Comparison to the Traditional Classroom Setting
Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

Sargent, Wes  Developmental Career Counseling in Higher Education:  A Program Evaluation Study
Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

Sosa, Sandra  Evaluation of Good-Touch/Bad-Touch Program:  A Comprehensive Child Abuse Curriculum with a Focus on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro


2012 Cohort (2014 Graduates)

Bailey, Jetaun   Mentoring African-American Males from a Culturally-Adapted Approach to Reduce Disciplinary Patterns and Practices  Advisor:  Dr. Susan Boes

Bass, Erin  The Peer Mentoring Program and Student Performance  Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

Jones, Della  Evaluation of a Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Mathematics Program  Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish

Gonder, Tyrone  A Flexible Learning Program for Mathematics Intervention in a Title 1 Elementary School:  A Program Evaluation  Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia


2013 Cohort (2015 Graduates)

Brown Davis, Delawna  Career Cruising Matchmaker:  An Evaluation of a Middle School Career Counseling Program                              Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

Ruff, Sarah Elizabeth   Giving Them a Voice:  An Evaluation of the Military Youth Advisory Council in Georgia   Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish  

Temple, Michell Lynette  From Process to Outcomes:  An Evaluation of a University's Student Affairs Cultural Program                   Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish