Area of Concentration (AoC)

The Area of Concentration (or AoC) in the School Improvement program provides a specialized, thematic concentration to the student's studies. Made up of 12 credit hours of electives and the student's dissertation, the AoC comprises a student's focus within the program. Specific AoC's are developed in conjunction with various departments within the College of Education at the University of West Georgia. Currently, the available AoC's include:

Additional Areas of Concentration may be developed, Please check this page often.

Another option available to students is to develop a customized AoC. At a minimum, an individual AoC must meet the following criteria:

  • It must have a thematic, cohesive foundation.
  • It must consist of a minimum of 12 semester hours of credit.
  • The coursework must be post-Masters level.
  • It must be approved by the Director of the Ed.D. Program in School Improvement.
  • It must have been completed within seven years of the date of admission to the Ed.D. degree program.
  • A grade of B or higher must have been earned in the coursework.

A customized AoC does not have to be taken only at our University. If you want a specialized, unique Area of Concentration, you can "assemble" one from another institution (either online or face-to-face), provided it meets the minimum criteria listed above AND that the hours were completed at an accredited institution. These hours could then be transferred into the program.

**Please note that any customized AoC must be pre-approved by the Program Director. Please contact the Director with any questions about this policy.**