Board of Visitors


The Board of Visitors (BOV) for the College of Education is intended to support the growth of the College toward its vision of leadership in the preparation of exemplary professionals in the fields it serves.

Primary Goals

  1. Provide the Dean and College leaders with perspectives, and insights associated with contemporary developments in policy, practice, opportunities, or trends that will affect the professional fields served by the College and/or the preparation of professionals in these fields (i.e., communicating FROM national and international perspectives TO College leadership);
  2. Serve as ambassadors of the College of Education to broad and diverse audiences throughout the U.S. by communicating and disseminating information about the College, our faculty, and our work (i.e., communicating FROM the College TO the larger community); and
  3. Provide the Dean with assistance, guidance, and advice to support the effective leadership of the College as it transitions into a new era focused on broader and greater impact on the professions it serves.

Structure and Size

BOV membership will be kept intentionally small (4-7 members) to ensure each member has voice and input.

Members will serve rotating terms of up to three years, and each member will be chosen to ensure that the Board reflects:

  • National and international perspectives
  • Connections to policy makers and leading thinkers in the fields served by the College
  • Diversity of political or philosophical perspectives
  • Particular expertise, recognition, or visibility that is related to the vision of the College


The Board will meet up to twice annually at West Georgia under the direction of the Dean of the College of Education.

Meetings will be scheduled to allow members to arrive in Carrollton mid- to late-afternoon on Day One for dinner and introductory/social events, meet throughout Day Two, and depart Carrollton lateafternoon on Day Two.

Meetings will be structured to include four basic elements: (1) featured programs or initiatives, (2) progress or developments within the COE, (3) an Open Forum (Fishbowl) by BOV members on current topics, and (4) strategic discussions with the Dean and other members of the leadership team.

Expenses & Travel

All travel, entertainment, and relevant expenses incurred by members in completing this service will be covered by the College of Education.