International Programs

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The Department of Educational Technology and Foundations is delighted to share in the experience of Dr. Li Cao's study abroad trip to China with students Alex Anderson and Taylor Pappas. Photographs from this trip will be featured of their trip to China. Make plans now to join Dr. Cao in 2016 and experience China for yourself!

The first picture is in Beijing at The Great Wall of China. From there, Dr. Cao, Alex, and Taylor visited Normal University in Beijing, which is a Teacher's College, to tour and become acquainted with faculty and students.


 Dr. Cao and the students were warmly welcomed at Southwestern University. They were presented with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers at the Opening Meeting to honor their arrival to the University. They have been given an office for their use while they are at the University. Alex and Taylor have been assigned to a professor and partnered with two students each. One of the tasks is for Alex and Taylor to teach a class at a local school. Saturday was a workday for them. Sunday, they enjoyed a historical and cultural tour of Chongqing.