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Online courses and programs can mean a huge cost-savings in many ways. No more high gas charges. No childcare needed. The flexibility can allow one to maintain a job while attending school. Out-of-state students are not charged non-resident tuition rates.

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The completion of an accredited online degree also increases your earning potential.

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Our online courses are as affordable as you will find among accredited schools.

For the most up-to-date and accurate cost information, see the Bursar's Office website at (Fully online courses appear as NET charges on the bottom of the Bursar's spreadsheets.)


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Guidelines for Admittance

  • All graduate applicants must complete the online Grad Application. A one-time application fee of $40 is required.
  • Applicants should also review the Graduate Studies Website for individual program specific requirements and tasks that must be completed prior to admission. See Graduate Studies Application Process.
  • International applicants are subject to additional requirements and application deadlines. See Procedures for International Students.
  • Official transcripts from a regionally or nationally accredited institution are required and should be sent directly to the UWG Admissions Office.

Application Deadlines

Admission Process Checklist

The Graduate Studies Application Process checklist is available here:

One exception: If you will not ever be traveling to a UWG campus or site, you may apply for an Immunization Exemption. Contact the Immunization Clerk with your request.



 Admission DeadlineRegistrationBegin/EndPayment DueDrop/AddExams
Fall 2012 Jun 1 Mar 26-Jul 7 Aug 20-Dec 7 Jul 30 Aug 20-24 Dec 3-7

Learning Objectives

  • Candidates understand and apply the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) he or she teaches and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students.
  • Candidates create and implement GPS-based lessons that include appropriate adaptations for diverse learners, a variety of instructional strategies, and assessment strategies to measure mastery of the curriculum.
  • Candidates use a variety of assessment strategies to inform planning, adjust instruction, and evaluate student learning.
  • Candidates apply a variety of strategies for diverse learners, effectively communicate, reflect on their practice, and foster relationships with colleagues and the community to support students.