Student Ambassadors

The College of Education Student Ambassadors is an elite group of students that serve as the official representatives of the college. Since the 2005-2006 academic year, College of Education Student Ambassadors has been a pivotal group in helping represent the college to alumni, donors, and prospective students of the college.

Ambassadors help prepare for and host various college events and activities throughout the year, where they have the opportunity to both promote activities in the college and network with alumni. Ambassadors benefit from their work by developing professional relationships with distinguished alumni, leaders in education and other fields, as well as faculty and administrators.

Student ambassadors are chosen through a selection process that includes an application and an interview. Applicants are accepted in February of each year from College of Education students who meet membership criteria. Interviews are granted to qualified applicants who are selected through a competitive pre-screening review by a committee of College of Education faculty.

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