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Energy Management



In October 2005, the Ad Hoc Energy Committee was formed in response to concerns over the energy crisis and the continuous rise in utility costs. This was an all-volunteer committee comprised of both faculty and staff participants. Working together, they developed a proposal of conservation initiatives to be considered by P.A.C. (President’s Advisory Committee). The proposal is attached for review.

The Ad Hoc Energy Committee determined the greatest opportunity for immediate energy conservation and monetary savings lies in the following measures:
The adoption of the federal government’s standards for building temperature set-points

The review of all Summer and Weekend building operation schedules

An education program addressing conservation campus-wide
The proposal was presented to P.A.C. by Dr. Reigner (Chair for the Ad Hoc Energy Committee), and P.A.C. approved the immediate implementation of these three measures along with further consideration of the other measures suggested in the proposal.

In order to facilitate the proposed changes and continue to develop conservation approaches in the future, the Ad Hoc Energy Committee formed the following Sub-Committees:
ITS Committee – Chris Huff and Kathy Kral
Education Campaign Committee – Mike Renfrow, Kathleen Wagstaff, Lauren Kania, and Denice King
Currently, the Ad Hoc Energy Committee has made a commitment to continue to meet and has changed their name to “The Energy Committee.” The goals for the meetings will include a review of the status of current initiatives and plans for on-going projects. Everyone is welcome.