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Student Government Feedback

November 10, 2005

  1. Overall, 4 day classes a week would be beneficial in the summertime, in order to save energy. (Ola Jimoh)

  2. SGA is in full support of temperature regulation in the buildings on campus. (Terrance Lewis)

  3. Would it be possible to close down certain buildings earlier in order to save energy?  For example, close the UCC at 12am instead of 2am.  And why do all the lights in the UCC have to stay on all night?   I’m pretty sure that takes up a lot of energy.  (Rob Kelly)

  4. Turning the lights off on the vending machines might help save energy. (This has proven to decrease small percentages of energy for companies such as Wal-Mart.)  (Matt Hagler)

  5. Use motion sensors on sinks and toilets so save on energy waste.  (These use less water and are more sanitary.)  (Matt Hagler)

  6. Use nothing but flat panel monitors. (The old TV style monitors use more energy and create more heat causing energy to be used to cool the rooms.) (Matt Hagler)

  7. Require all professors to turn off equipment and lights when they leave a classroom.  (This was my biggest problem when I would check the TLC rooms in the evenings and find that the LCD projector was left on.) (Matt Hagler)