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Ad Hoc Energy Committee

Chair: Dr. Ronald Reigner

Meeting Notes



Andrew Luna, Bill Gauthier, Bob Watkins, Chris Huff, David Bush, Denice King Lauren Kania, Linda Picklesimer, Lynn Agan, Mike Renfrow, Nancy Lott, Ricky Watts, Terri Rubino, Tom Mackel, Trey Young, and Joel Reardon (from Georgia Power)



Meeting Agenda  - Outline for today’s meeting.

Committee Agenda  - Timetable/Deadlines for next 3 meetings.

“Energy Savings Measures” Handout  - Outlined 10 energy saving measures UWG will pursue.

“101 Energy Savings Ideas”  -  Book provided by Georgia Power Company.


Dr. Reigner called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.


He then gave a briefing on the following:

-         Discussion and approval of notes from 10/20/05 meeting

-         Review of topics covered at the last meeting

-         Overview of the Committee Agenda and clarification of our goals and deadlines


He reviewed today’s agenda and opened the meeting for discussion on the following topics:

-         Technology considerations

-         Work-schedule considerations

-         Teaching considerations

-         Facilities considerations

-         Dissemination of faculty/staff/student information considerations


Technology Considerations


Linda Picklesimer –

-         Suggested it would be a good idea to wait until an ITS/BITS person was present before we discuss this topic

Terri Rubino –

-         Suggested we ask ITS/BITS to cover this topic within their own departments

Chris Huff –

-         Felt technology conservation measures should also be addressed with campus-wide education

Terri Rubino –

-         Again stressed the point that the appropriate departments (ITS/BITS, Facilities, etc.) were best equipped to determine the conservation measures that would be beneficial in their departments


It was decided we add a section to our proposal asking ITS/BITS to put together any ideas/ and concerns regarding technology changes for energy conservation.  This would allow the experts to provide appropriate & viable options.


Chris Huff volunteered to lead a future technology committee for gathering input and determining the appropriate conservation measures. He will contact ITS.

 Work Schedule Considerations


Terri Rubino –

-         Said the Payroll Dept is not prepared at this time to make a public announcement regarding changes to the university calendar for flex scheduling.

Bill Gauthier

-         Described some of the benefits of a 4 ½ day work week and feels these benefits are worth considering some flex scheduling options

-         Suggested someone from each department do a quick survey on the interest in flex scheduling

Andrew Luna –

-         Suggested closing early Monday instead of Friday for the 4 ½ day work week

Terri Rubino –

-         Pointed out that now is the time to look at alternative scheduling for Summer since the payroll schedule has not yet been set – it’s already too late to alter the Spring schedule


Bill Gauthier volunteered to contact each V.P. (Hynes, MClellan, Singer) regarding doing a departmental survey of interest in flex scheduling.


Utility Costs


Bob Watkins –

-         Introduced Joel Reardon, from Georgia Power, as an expert and a resource for us regarding energy usage & conservation

Joel Reardon –

-         Advised that the cost of electricity matters when we use it, so managing our building schedules would help if we avoid peak hours between 2pm – 7pm (he explained this only applies to large clients like UWG, not individual homes)

-         Offered to provide educational resources, and he gave a few general recommendations:

§         If you leave a room for a few hours, lights should be turned off

§         Turn off computers at night

Trey Young –

-         Asked if GA Power offers “Green Power” (clean energy from alternative sources: wind, methane gas, etc.) as an option for UWG

-         Points out that other institutions have reaped savings from “Green Power,” once the initial costs were recovered

Joel Reardon –

-         Advised that “Green Power” is offered by GA Power but does cost more initially

Lynn Agan –

-         Provided records from his department that support the conservation savings to be gained from controlling our building set-points

Bob Watkins –

-         Gave statistics on the significant savings that could result from managing building temperature set-points

Mike Renfrow

-         Said he met with representative from GA Gas – they are projecting UWG’s bills in Dec, Jan, Feb will double this year – our bill was $800,000 last year

-         Reminded the committee to not focus on exact dollar figures of savings, but instead go for “bundled savings” with multiple changes in our practices on campus


Committee members agreed to address temperature set-points in our proposal to PAC.


Space Heaters


Tom Mackel –

-         Reflected on the 70’s when many people used space heaters – it not only affected utility costs but was a safety hazard

-         Suggested space heaters not be allowed anywhere on campus and be confiscated is found

Lynn Agan –

-         Noted there are some space heaters that use very little energy and have safety features, so they may be an option to consider


Many committee members voiced concern over space heaters and the need to remove them in order for changes in temp set-points to be effective.


Teaching Considerations


David Bush –

-         Has put some graduate level courses online already.  This allowed grad students flexibility, and he was able to teach off campus also

Tom Mackel –

-         Noted that shuttle buses run on Saturdays also, so reducing schedules could provide savings on fuel also

David Bush –

-         Advised that a plan is currently being developed with the Newnan campus:

§         Classes will be taught one day a week at the UWG campus and broadcast to Newnan, then it will be taught the next day at Newnan and broadcast to the UWG campus – providing savings to both students and faculty


Utility Costs in Residence Halls


Lauren Kania –

-         Suggested students be given a set amount toward their utility costs, and they must pay for any charges over that allowance amount

Linda Picklesimer –

-         Explained this practice is already being utilized at many other student apartment complexes




Bob Watkins –

-         Reminds everyone that building schedule maintenance and temperature set-point controls are two changes that require no cost to UWG and offer the most up-front & immediate savings

David Bush –

-         Pointed out that some radiators in Callaway Hall seem to be running all year, and other heating/cooling problems also exist

David Bush –

-         Questioned the option of digging more wells on campus for savings in water costs



Conservation Education


Bob Watkins –

-         Explained that a great deal of conservation information is being compiled from a broad range of sources (helpful hints, utility costs for UWG, educational sources, etc.), and once copy write guidelines have been met, all this information will be made available on the Facilities department website   



Linda Picklesimer –

-         Pointed out the safety concern for women if they must enter a dark bathroom – due to lights being turned off for conservation

David Bush –

-         Suggested the option of replacing leaf blowers with brooms




 Bill Gauthier –

-         Pointed out that UWG will first pursue the conservation measures that are the lowest cost with the easiest implementation and quickest savings results.   Other measures that are more costly and complicated to implement could be considered as a part of a larger project at a later date.


Dr. Reigner closed the meeting by compiling the list of ideas that the committee wants to include in the proposal to PAC.  He will then take this list and produce a draft for committee review and approval at the next meeting on November 3rd, at 2:30 in UCC 312.


The list consisted of the following issues to be addressed:


Campus-wide website for ongoing ideas and feedback to conservation issue

Education programs for campus-wide conservation (turn off lights, etc.)

Water (temperatures, etc.)

Future water use (wells, etc.)

Flex scheduling

Summer 4 day week

Building temperature set-points (+ or - 4?)

Building schedules

Time of use (energy peak times)

ITS/BITS committee for bringing their ideas

Bus schedules

Measurement/demand limiting devices



Meeting Adjourned