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Energy Committee

Chair: Dr. Ronald Reigner

Meeting Notes




Bill Gauthier, David Bush, Kathleen Wagstaff, Linda Picklesimer, Lauren Kania, Mark Reeves, Mike Renfrow, Nancy Lott, Ron Reigner, Terri Rubino, Tom Mackel, Bob Watkins, and Denice King


Dr. Reigner opened the meeting with a welcome to all the returning committee members.

He then gave a brief summary of the presentation he gave to the President’s Advisory Committee (PAC) in December, 2005. 


To date, three items included in the Energy Proposal have been approved by PAC:


§         the adoption of the federal government’s standards for building temperature set-points

§         the review of all Summer and Weekend building operation schedules

§         an education program addressing conservation campus-wide


Energy Usage Update


Bob Watkins gave a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the current status of the energy saving efforts implemented by the Facilities department.  A copy of the presentation is included as an attachment with these meeting notes for your review.


Bob also explained that the Work Information Center and the department as a whole have received very few complaints regarding the lowering of building temperature set-points.  He credited the committee members with helping to spread a positive message to the campus about why we have to keep buildings at a cooler temperature.


The committee had a general discussion of issues/concerns surrounding the building temperatures, and it was announced that the Facilities department will be providing “Cozy Toes” foot warmers to offices that cannot maintain the minimum temperature of 68 degrees.


Also, it was noted that it is important for every work order placed to get a personal response (phone call or visit) from the Facilities department.  This attention to individual concerns shows that people are being heard, and this can make a significant difference in attitudes around campus.


In conclusion, Bob advised the pending issues being addressed by Facilities include the following:


  • Information for web page development
  • Weekend building schedule
  • Review summer class schedules


ITS Update


Chris Huff and Kathy Kral were unable to attend the meeting today.  However, Mike Renfrow has been in contact with them both and reported on their behalf.  They have been working to help set up a website for the Education Campaign. 


Also, Chris Huff will be holding a future meeting to pursue energy saving changes in the ITS department.  Results from these changes will be reported at the next Energy Committee meeting.


Education Campaign Update


Kathleen Wagstaff advised that the education campaign committee has held multiple meetings to discuss ideas and plans.


Current priorities for the campaign include the following:


  • It will be important to get as much student input as possible, as they know best what gets their attention & motivates them
  • Develop a theme/unifying message that will be part of all marketing efforts used with the campaign (keep message recognizable & meaningful)
  • Create website to communicate information and provide ‘interactive’ resource for campus community
  • Develop a TOP TEN list of things students, faculty & staff can do to help conserve energy


It was noted that it’s critical that all information sent out by this committee is consistent and accurate  (ITS sub-committee will advise on best ways to gain savings regarding technology)


It is also important to get savings information out to the public, so they can see that their sacrifices are having a positive affect.  Savings data will be published on the website.


Dr. David Bush made the suggestion to possibly include the new UWG Wolf mascot as part of our campaign motto/theme

-         Capitalizes on current enthusiasm across campus for new mascot

-         Will be very identifiable image for future promotions/campaign stickers, posters, etc.

-         Provides some clever marketing ideas (slash through energy costs, help us chew up energy bills, don’t be a big, bad, wasteful wolf, etc)


Terri Rubino commented that she feels UWG is her home away from home, therefore she treats the campus with the same respect as she treats her home.  She suggested we incorporate this kind of message in our education campaign – try to encourage a strong attitude of community here at UWG.




Ideas for Consideration


Mark Reeves gave the suggestion to have a “test” on energy usage for everyone on campus.  It could be similar to the Right to Know training & test that is currently required by all faculty/staff.  This could help to educate people on the energy issues and clarify reasons for the changes we’re making.  Ideally, this would give everyone accurate information on the subject and result in a more positive message being spread around campus.


Laura Kania noted that Professor Goff in the Mass Comm. Department gave his class an informative talk on the energy crisis.  He explained in a positive light that the classrooms are cooler than normal, because of lowering temperatures campus-wide to save energy. This type of support from faculty could possibly be encouraged & applauded through our education campaign.


A general request was made to put stickers on light switches around campus to remind people to turn off lights when they leave a room.  This is an inexpensive but effective measure that can be implemented immediately.  Bob Watkins will check into sticker options, per Bill Gauthier’s request & approval for this purchase.


Dr. Reigner summarized that the Energy Committee is currently focused on 3 initiatives (temp. set-points, summer schedules, & education campaign), and we all need continued patience as we pursue these over the long term.


Meeting adjourned.