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Energy Committee

Chair: Ron Reigner

Meeting Agenda

February 8, 2007



1.  Welcome to the meeting: introduction of continuing and new members


2.  Current report on UWG energy use: Bob Watkins Director of Facilities




  • 1 full year using new conservation measures
  • Reduced our costs and avoided the need for other department budgets to cover the deficits
  • Our Natural Gas consumption is down overall by 20% due to the measures we put in place


All of these measures had a significant effect on our energy use:

  • Temp Set-Points
  • Systems upgrades
  • Funds allotted toward continued upgrades
  • Commitment to conservation & the personal sacrifices being made (i.e. hot/cold discomfort)


**  The University System of Georgia is very impressed with our approach and our success.  They want to use our “templates” for approaches to conserve at other schools.


Bob Watkins gave his positive feedback and thanked everyone for all the hard work


The committee asked “How can we better express these savings/accomplishments across campus?”

  • Web page
  • All-Staff and All-Faculty listservs
  • Kathy Wagstaff can put the word out via all forms of media
  • Word-of-mouth starts with this committee spreading the good news


Bob Watkins discussed a possible opportunity to reward students for their involvement.  He suggested paying for a student to attend the “Greening of the Campus” conference next year.  Students could submit papers on conservation ideas in a competition??


3.  Summer 2007: staff and faculty work-week issues


Discussion started by Mark Reeves and Ron Reigner on the pros & cons of a shortened work week by closing Friday afternoons in the summer.  There is a report that has been prepared by the Summer Strategy Committee which was chaired by Dr. Skip Clark.  That committee has raised a number of concerns – both pluses and minuses - and presented the report to PAC, which will eventually make a decision.


Issues of concern include energy savings and the fact that we saved about $7000 per week in energy bills, along with customer service issues that have been raised.  After much discussion, it was noted that PAC does have the final authority to enforce changes to scheduling and building closures, and the committee will wait to see what the results are of PAC’s decision.




4.  Success with individual’s habits regarding energy use?

          Suggestions: positive/negative feedback


Brief discussion about whether we having much success on an individual level making changes. 


Bob Watkins praised College of Education building for doing a good job of turning off lights in empty rooms.


Point stressed again that lights need to be on at night for safety.


5.  Earth Day 2007:  According to Earth Day Network, Earth Day, April 22, is the largest

         secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year.


Kathy Wagstaff discussed last year’s Earth Day celebration and explained how it developed.  She has all of the documentation on the planning & execution of the event.


The UWG Greens club wants to handle the Earth Day celebration this year.  Their club advisor is Marc Lafountain from the Sociology department.   


Kathy Wagstaff will contact David Sluder to give the club the planning information from last year.


6.  Student Input: UWG Green Party -  David Sluder and friends


David Sluder provided brief description of the newly formed UWG Greens organization:



  • Help recycling program
  • Sustainability
  • How can we “get the word out”??



  • Buying “Green Energy”
  • Use of bio-diesel   -  Tom Mackel explained previous attempts to use bio-diesel that didn’t work.  But he is planning to pursue using low sulfur fuel for busses in the future


Long Term Ambition:

  • New construction on campus to pursue LEED Certification


7.  Further opportunities – Ideas for Faculty/Staff/Student involvement



8.  Next meeting date and time?


Ron Reigner will contact Denice King to pursue scheduling the next meeting