UWG Strategic Plan Update: 2014-2020

During the past two years, the University has engaged in significant work to better understand the national, state, and regional conditions that have an impact on our work and our future. One of the most notable efforts has been the Academic Master Plan process that entailed participation by faculty, students, administration, alumni and our community partners. We are now in the final stages of the new, updated University Strategic Plan, 2014-2020. A working team was assembled to facilitate the update of the University’s Strategic Plan and extend goals and objectives into the next six years (Strategic Planning Team members – Bill Estes, Carole Goodson, Charla Campbell, Chris Huff, Cathi Jenks, Diane Hoff, Don Rice, Faye McIntyre, Hannes Gerhardt, Jon Anderson, Jane McCandless, Kathy Kral, Kyle Marrero, Melanie Clay, Mike Hester, Nadejda Popov, Randy Hendricks, Scot Lingrell, Jim Sutherland, Vickie Geisler, and Will Lloyd).

In the first phase, the team assumed the role of consultants by reviewing the significant work already done and represented by the existing UWG and University System of Georgia Strategic Plan, the Academic Master Plan, the Campus Master Plan, reports from other internal work groups, review of Peer and Aspirants and the development of Key Performance Indicators. Using this information, the team developed a draft strategic planning document.

In this second phase, the team will assume the role of facilitators by seeking reaction to the draft Strategic Plan from various internal and external constituent groups including senior leadership, faculty, Faculty Senate, staff, Staff Advisory Council, students, Student Government Association, alumni, and key external constituencies including the Foundation Board of Trustees. This process is not envisioned as a “rewrite by committee” process but rather will be designed to assess whether the plan is appropriate in scope, is sufficiently comprehensive, and has essential support. The feedback collected, for example, might identify some significant missing element or might influence priorities.

In the third phase, the team will assume the role of editors by revising and polishing the strategic planning documents so that the Strategic Plan can be presented to the Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, and SGA for endorsement and finally Board of Regents for final approval.

The charge to the team is to complete this process and present a final draft of the UWG 2014-2020 Strategic Plan to the Board of Regents at the Board’s May 2014 meeting.