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American Studies minor


American Studies

See Dr. David Newton (mailto:hgoodson@westga.edu), American Studies Program Coordinator (History Department), to register to become an American Studies Minor or for a list of approved courses. More information on the minor can be found at http://www.westga.edu/%7Ednewton/amstudies/

American Studies, as an area of academic study, employs the approaches and critical methods of a number of different academic disciplines to analyze the cultures and societies of the United States. Since its methods and perspectives are interdisciplinary, it often brings together scholarly tasks that have been separated by the structure of academic departments and courses, placing American Studies at the forefront of much educational and intellectual reform. Students and employers have found American Studies programs and courses to be particularly valuable preparation for graduate study in the humanities and social sciences or for professional careers in private industry, law, government and politics, journalism, publishing, research institutions, museums, public history, and teaching. In completing the minor, students will have access to the resources of numerous academic departments and courses, as well as the opportunity to develop relevant technological skills. The required introductory course (Studies in American Culture) introduces students to this field of study and provides an intellectual immersion into the critical methods that it employs.

Courses Hours

ENGL 2130 OR
HIST 2111 or 2112
NOTE: English majors must take HIST 2111 or 2112, and History majors must take ENGL 2130


Prerequisite: ENGL 2130, HIST 2111 or HIST 2112


3/4000-Level Electives
NOTE: (9) hours chosen from approved upper-division courses in various disciplines. The program of study must include one upper-level course from English, one from History, and one from another discipline. English and History majors who opt for the American Studies minor will choose no course from their major discipline but will instead substitute a course from another discipline. See American Studies Program Coordinator for approval of upper-division courses.