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Course Listing

ENGL-0099 Basic Composition
ENGL-1101 English Composition I
ENGL-1102 English Composition II
ENGL-2000 American Speech
ENGL-2050 Self-Staging: Oral Communication in Daily Life
ENGL-2060 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL-2080 Introduction to the Art of Film
ENGL-2110 World Literature
ENGL-2111 World Literature I
ENGL-2120 British Literature
ENGL-2130 American Literature
ENGL-2132 American Literature II
ENGL-2180 Studies in African-American Literature
ENGL-2190 Studies in Literature by Women
ENGL-2XXX University Syst Studies Abroad
ENGL-3000 Research and Methodology
ENGL-3160 Philosophy in Literature and Film
ENGL-3200 Intermediate Creative Writing
ENGL-3300 Studies in American Culture
ENGL-3350 Introduction to Africana Studies
ENGL-3400 Pedagogy and Writing
ENGL-3405 Professional and Technical Writing
ENGL-4106 Studies in Genre
ENGL-4108 Studies in the Novel
ENGL-4109 Film as Literature
ENGL-4110 Medieval Literature
ENGL-4115 Renaissance Literature
ENGL-4120 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
ENGL-4125 Colonial and Early American Literature
ENGL-4130 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL-4135 British Romanticism
ENGL-4140 American Romanticism
ENGL-4145 Victorian Literature
ENGL-4150 American Realism and Naturalism
ENGL-4155 Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENGL-4160 Twentieth-Century American Literature
ENGL-4165 Contemporary British and American Literature
ENGL-4170 Studies in African-American Literature
ENGL-4180 Studies in Regional Literature
ENGL-4185 Studies in Literature by Women
ENGL-4188 Studies in Individual Authors
ENGL-4210 Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL-4238 Methods for Teaching Secondary English
ENGL-4286 Teaching Internship
ENGL-4295 Studies in Young Adult Literature
ENGL-4300 Studies In English Language
ENGL-4310 Studies in Literary Theory
ENGL-4381 Independent Study
ENGL-4384 Senior Seminar
ENGL-4385 Special Topics
ENGL-4386 Internship
ENGL-5106 Studies in Genre
ENGL-5108 Studies in the Novel
ENGL-5109 Film as Literature
ENGL-5110 Medieval Literature
ENGL-5115 Renaissance Literature
ENGL-5120 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
ENGL-5125 Colonial and Early American Literature
ENGL-5130 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL-5135 British Romanticism
ENGL-5140 American Romanticism
ENGL-5145 Victorian Literature
ENGL-5150 American Realism and Naturalism
ENGL-5155 Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENGL-5160 Twentieth-Century American Literature
ENGL-5165 Contemporary British and American Literature
ENGL-5170 Studies in African-American Literature
ENGL-5180 Studies in Regional Literature
ENGL-5185 Studies in Literature by Women
ENGL-5188 Studies in Individual Authors
ENGL-5210 Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL-5300 Studies in English Language
ENGL-5310 Studies in Literary Theory
ENGL-5381 Independent Study
ENGL-5383 Reading for the Comprehensive Exam
ENGL-5385 Special Topics
ENGL-5386 Internship
ENGL-6105 Seminar in British Literature I
ENGL-6110 Seminar in American Literature I
ENGL-6115 Seminar in British Literature II
ENGL-6120 Seminar in American Literature II
ENGL-6385 Seminar in Special Topics
ENGL-6399 Thesis