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New Faculty Orientation

First Year Writing Program
Mentoring Guidelines for both Mentor and Incoming First Year Writing Faculty

1. Initial Mentor Orientation

2. First Mentor-Mentee Contact

3. First Mentor-Mentee Meeting (Fall)

        Purpose of First Group Meeting/Workshop

4. Fall semester Tasks

Week 1:

By Week 3:

Prior to Formal Teaching Observation:

Before Thanksgiving:

Beyond the expectations listed above, there are no mandated meetings. However, effective mentors will make a point of communicating weekly with their mentees. Stopping by the mentee’s office to visit, phone calls, emails, etc. are all possible strategies for effective communication.

5.   Formal Observations

6.  Spring Semester Tasks

*  The mentoring coordinator may be either the FYW director or another FYW faculty member who reports directly to the FYW director.

** The mentoring contract should stipulate specific expectations but would allow both mentor and mentee to add additional expectations. It should be signed by both the mentor and the mentee.