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Policy for Allocation of Travel Funding

(Approved 17 February 1995; Revised 14 September 1995; Revised November 11, 2003; Revised August 28, 2006)

All tenured professors, tenure-eligible professors, and lecturers are eligible for funded travel to professional conferences. The limited budget usually available for such purposes, however, requires adherence to an equitable policy governing the allocation of such subsidies based upon some system of priorities. Given the criteria for professional growth and development articulated by both the Department and the Faculty Handbook, for example, full-time faculty striving to earn tenure are recognized as having greater need for conference funding than those who have already achieved tenure or who are not subject to these expectations. On the other hand, acknowledging the Department’s commitment to promoting scholarly development at all levels, irrespective of rank or status, an effort must be made to ensure that allocations are awarded fairly.

1. At the beginning of each academic year, in response to a deadline announced by the Chair, any tenured professor, tenure-eligible professor, or lecturer may request funding for conferences in which s/he is participating. Such requests must be submitted to the Chair on “Authorization for Travel” forms, with all projected costs (registration fees, travel, lodging, subsistence) clearly specified and calculated (a “Travel Expense Form” will be required after completion of travel, and should reflect all expenditures). The term “participating” here designates any official role in a conference—namely, presenting a paper, chairing a session, and serving as an officer or moderator.

2. The total travel budget will then be divided by the total number of requests to arrive at a ceiling figure of individual funding. “Ceiling figure” here designates the maximum dollar amount paid to any faculty as reimbursement for the requested expenses of their first conference; the ceiling figure is derived by dividing the total funds earmarked for travel by the number of faculty who request reimbursement. The ceiling figure is not keyed to the expense of traveling to any conference, to the prestige of the conference, or to faculty rank beyond what is prescribed by this document.

3. Tenured professors, tenure-eligible professors, and lecturers will receive funds for one conference, either for the total amount requested (if lower than the ceiling figure) or the ceiling figure.

4. Any money left over from distributions for expenses of first conferences will be split evenly among those faculty members having requested funding for second conferences.

5. Unencumbered travel funds available for redistribution according to the preceding formula and set of priorities will be announced each semester.

6. The amounts and purposes of grants made to all recipients will be a matter of public record.