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MA English Program Form (Thesis Track)

M.A. in English (Thesis Option)

Name: (Last)                         (First)                      (Middle)
Faculty Advisor

 Graduate Course  Hrs  Gr   Degree Requirement  Dt  P/F
1. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Foreign Language Requirement
Option: _____________________
2. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Prospectus and Declaration of Candidacy    
3. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Oral Examination    
4. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Thesis Examination    
5. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3     
6. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Thesis Committee    
7. ENGL 6XXX Seminar  3   Director:
8.ENGL 6XXX Seminar OR ENGL 5XXX Course  3   Reader:
9. ENGL 6XXX Seminar OR ENGL 5XXX Course  3   Reader:    
10. ENGL 6399 (Thesis)  3        
Total Program  30     Date Evaluated    


Program Notes:
* 27 hours of course work (9 courses) are required for the degree.
* 7 of these courses must be at the 6000-level.
* A minimum of 24 hours must be taken in English. Courses outside of English must be approved by the DGS in advance.
* ENGL 6399 (Thesis) for 3 credit hours is required. Cannot be included in the 27 hours of course work.
* Passing the oral examination is required.
* Completing the language requirement.
* Passing the thesis examination is required.
* An overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Department of English / University of West Georgia, Revised 8/23/02