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Prerequisites and the Process

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) in English at The University of West Georgia: Coursework, Admission Standards and Protocol, and Advising

NOTE: All English Education majors apply for the TEP in the English department.

NOTE: As of fall 2008, all English Education majors are advised ONCE per semester by their English Advisor;
the College of Education no longer advises English Education majors.

A. State-Mandated Introductory Courses

There is no minimum required GPA to take these introductory classes and they are not sequenced.
EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical & Contemporary Issues in Education
EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity
EDUC 2130 Teaching & Learning
SPED 3715 The Inclusive Classroom*
MEDT 2401 Introduction to Instructional Technology *

*Go to this link for information about testing out of or exempting this prerequisite course.

B. Protocol for Admission to the TEP (admission to the program is required before a student can take any of the Upper-Level Courses listed below in Area C)

--Successful completion of core curriculum A through F and introductory classes listed above
--Exemption or passing score on the GACE Basic Skills test. To exempt, students must have a combined score of 1000 on the Math and Verbal portions of the SAT or a composite score of 43 on the ACT. They will need a copy of their scores or a copy of their transcript from UWG, since transcripts list scores.
--Overall minimum GPA of 2.7
--Demonstrated writing proficiency or completion of ENGL 1101 with a grade of C or better
--Demonstrated oral communication proficiency or completion of COMM 1110 with a grade of C or better.
--Satisfactory completion or exemption of the Regents’ examination
--Successful completion of all introductory courses: EDUC 2110, 2120, 2130, and completion or exemption of MEDT 2401(see link above for exemption details).
--Completion of SPED 3715 or plans to take it within one semester of admittance to the TEP
*In order to begin the application process, students must be able to report all final grades for all introductory courses. This means that students should wait until they receive final grades for courses before attempting application.

C. Upper-Level Coursework in English Education: The Professional Sequence (taken only after acceptance to the TEP)

MEDT 3401 Integrating Technology
CEPD 4101 Educational Psychology
ENGL 4238 Methods for Teaching Secondary English** (taught only in the fall)
SEED 4271 Curriculum in Secondary Schools (taught only in the spring)
ENGL 4286 Teaching Internship** (taught both fall and spring)

**If you need to register for one or more of these courses, please contact Dr. Angela Insenga, Coordinator of English Education, at 678-839-4864. Students must fill out all required forms and be accepted to the program before registration restrictions will be removed.

D. Advising and Program Information:

--All advising for Bachelor’s students in English Education occurs in the English Department. English Education students must contact and then meet with their assigned English advisor to discuss their course of study two to three weeks before Early Registration each semester. Such a meeting ensures that each English Education major stays on track.

--English advisors are assigned by Jonette Larrew: 678-839-6512 or jlarrew@westga.edu

--For any ENGL ED program questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Angela Insenga, Coordinator of English Education: 678-839-4864 or ainsenga@westga.edu

Revised by Angela Insenga, June 10, 2010; Revised by Angela Insenga June 3, 2011; Revised by Angela Insenga August 2014