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The fundamental objective of the First-Year Writing Program is to improve the students' ability to compose expository, argumentative, and interpretative essays.

  1. The policies for administering the First-Year Writing Program are set forth first in this document and then the following:
  2. The aim of departmental policies is to shape the first-year writing program toward a desirable degree of uniformity across the many sections of offerings and to ensure that learning outcomes are being met by whatever assessment methods the chair, Director of First-Year Writing, and the writing committee deem appropriate.
  3. The learning outcomes and objectives described in the documents labeled Descriptions of ENGL 1101 and 1102 should be given to the students in writing before the end of the drop and add period. Instructors may copy sections of the Descriptions on to their individual syllabi or link to the web sites where these policies are published.
  4. The descriptions of 1101 and 1102 make it clear that a student is to demonstrate a competency in Standard Edited American English as required by the Board of Regents and ratified by the Department of English.
  5. The Director of First-Year Writing will assess the program’s effectiveness by monitoring student grades in the composition courses as compared to their success rates in subsequent writing and literature courses. The results of these assessments will then be brought to the Writing Committee and the Department Chair for information or to recommend improvements in the Program.
  6. The Director and / or ad hoc committees may make recommendations on uniformity issues of assessment, assignments, and textbook selection.