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The Description of ENGL 1102

English 1102 Course Description

 Catalogue Description:

The course serves as a continuation of English 1101 and as an introduction to more sophisticated study of argument and textual analysis, focusing on the composition of increasingly complex analytical essays about written and visual texts. Students must demonstrate advanced competency in critical analysis and interpretation of texts.
 General Learning Outcomes:

To develop reading, understanding, and interpreting of a broad range of written and visual texts from a variety of genres, including but not limited to nonfiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and film.
To extend the skills of analytical writing, critical thinking, and argumentative interpretation of meaning established in English 1101.
To enhance the understanding of literary principles and the use of basic terms important to critical writing and reading.
To construct essays using textual evidence from both primary and secondary sources.
 Specific Learning Outcomes:
Critical Reading and Analysis

Develop an understanding of genre and the role of genre in textual analysis.
Understand connections between primary and secondary sources and how those connections affect and generate intertextuality.
Writing Process and Rhetorical Objectives

Demonstrate the ability to connect primary and secondary sources in a logical, persuasive, and correct way.
Expand the length and complexity in the writing and thinking process
Minimal Competency Requirements

Essay Level

Continuation of the learning objectives of ENGL 1101, that is, creation of clear theses, effective introductions and conclusions, and logical, persuasive patterns of essay organization.
Additional requirements include the ability to develop a logical argument advancing a particular explication or interpretation of a literary text, focusing on the ways in which the incorporation of secondary materials enhances argument.
Paragraph Level

Continuation of the paragraph development skills required in ENGL 1101.
Additionally be able to manage quotations from primary and secondary texts as a means for developing paragraphs, neither letting the quotations dominate the paragraphs inappropriately nor under-explaining the quotations once used.
Sentence Level

Continuation of ENGL 1101, consistent evidence of sentence variety and control of syntax to achieve clarity.
Consistent use of apt and varied diction.
Additionally be able to use quotations in sentences while maintaining grammatical correctness and competent punctuation.
Demonstrate a command of mechanics, grammar, and usage conventions of Standard Edited English as required in ENGL 1101.
Documentation Style
Use the MLA style for documenting sources.

Technological Objective
Demonstrate the ability to use word processing and to find and evaluate electronic resources.
Assessment and Assignments:

5000 words of graded writing 
No fewer than 3 out-of-class essay assignments that make use of revising opportunities
At least two essays must incorporate secondary research

Required texts for all sections: The shared text (a new text to be determined each year) and A Writer's Resource
Other text options: Appropriate individual texts that cover multiple genres and allow for a diversity of authors and styles

**Pending Approval