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Philosophy Faculty and Staff Directory

Alphabetical Listing

Janet Donohoe, Ph.D. Faculty Member jdonohoe@westga.edu Room # 678-839-4743
Andrew Hookom Faculty Member ahookom@westga.edu Room # 678-839-6512
Rosemary Kellison Faculty Member rkelliso@westga.edu Room # 678-839-6512
Robert Lane, Ph.D. Faculty Member rlane@westga.edu Room # 678-839-4745
Shoni Rancher Faculty Member srancher@westga.edu Room # 678-839-6512
Walter Riker, Ph.D. Faculty Member wriker@westga.edu Room #2249 678-839-4888
Gary Senecal Faculty Member gsenecal@westga.edu Room # 678-839-6512
Mark Tietjen, Ph.D. Faculty Member mtietjen@westga.edu Room # 678-839-6294