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Student Testimonials

My experience as a graduate student has been worthwhile, rigorous, and enlightening. While the M.A. program requires personal investment and scholastic dedication, the rewards that the program offers not only exceed the amount of devotion that it required, but they have infused me with an intellectual curiosity that provokes me to reconceptualize how ideas construct my world and imagination. Because of the program, my appreciation for literature has not only broadened, but I have located in African American literature a specific area of scholarship in which I plan to specialize. The program has given me many opportunities to present essays on African American literature at various literary conferences. Although class dynamics and access to literary conferences illustrate some of the program’s benefits, I most appreciated the guidance and individual assistance that professors offered. From working as a graduate assistant, Writing Center Tutor, Teaching Assistant, or simply visiting offices, professors always aided my efforts academically and personally. It is because of professors in this wonderful program that my life has been enriched and will continue to be enriched. Because of the literary skills which the program cultivated in me, I will enter Emory University’s PhD program in English this Fall where I will explore representations of the afterlife in African American literature. While there are many M.A. programs in English, I cannot imagine another program that fosters an atmosphere of personal vivification as much as it promotes academic excellence. I am proud that I choose the University of West Georgia‘s M.A. program in English.

-Jimmy Worthy