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Awards Day 2013


Gordon Watson Award: Megan Bell
Willie Maude Thompson Scholarship in English: Megan Bell

Insight Awards, Seniors: Sean Jepson, Stephen Foster Smith, and Valerie Yearta. Juniors: Ember Zimmerman, Lucas Chance, Ali Martin

Most Promising New English Majors: Jonathan Mark Hendrix and Craig Alexander Thompson (not pictured)

Most Outstanding English Education Majors: Joy Coles and Michele Drane

Robert L. Snyder Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to a Senior Seminar: Mary Catherine Lyons, Jenna Harvie, Valerie Yearta, Jadon Palladino (not pictured), Benjamin Alexander-Crossan (not pictured)

Marion L. Fisher Award in American Literature: Kassie Bettis

Most Outstanding Film Studies Minor: Megan Moody

Most Outstanding Creative Writing Minor: Diamond Forde
Mary Anne (Sugar) Wilson Goreau DeVillier Scholarship: Diamond Forde

Kay Magenheimer Poetry Prize: Jo Brachman

Creative Nonfiction Prize: Jenna Harvie

Carrollton Creative Writers Club Awards
Vabella Prize for Outstanding Writing: Lucas Chance; First Place Prose: Jo Brachman; Honorable Mention Poetry: Diamond Forde; First Place Proetry: Melissa Sullivan; Honorable Mention Prose: Andrew Vinyard; Vabella Prize for Outstanding Writing: Ashley Warner; Vabella Prize for Outstanding Writing: Sarah Miller (not pictured)

Carrollton Creative Writers Club Awards
Bread and Roses, Too Award for Poetry or Prose by a Female Student: Megan Bell
Ruby L. Young Memorial Award for Prose by a Male Student: Sean Thomas Jepson

Jane B. Hill Award for Excellence in First Year Writing: Tiara Edwards

The Stanley Parkman Excellence in Tutoring Award: Burke Nixon and Pamela Murphy

Most Outstanding Graduate Students: Pamela Murphy and Tim Payne (not pictured)

Dr. James W. Mathews Prize for Best Graduate Student Essay: Joshua Black

Dr. James W. Mathews Distinguished Endowed English Scholarship for Graduate Studies:
Jenna Harvie and Sarah Hendricks

Martha Saunders Excellence in Teaching First-Year Writing Award: Rod McRae

No Picture Available
The Stanley Parkman Excellence in Writing Award: Makayla Wade
Dr. George W. Walker English Scholoarship: Camille Land and Sarah Robertson
Ben W. Griffith Fiction Prize: Jonathan Miller
Most Outstanding English Minor: Gabrielle Jade Gammans
Robert Reynolds Excellence in Teaching English Award: Chad Davidson