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Ann McCleary

Ann McCleary

Phone: 678-839-6041 | Fax: 678-839-4160

Email:  amcclear@westga.edu

Office: Humanities Building

    Courses and Sections

    • Courses Taught
      • ART-4295 (HistoryOfAmericanArchitecture)    
      • ENGL-3300 (Studies in American Culture)    
      • HIST-3300 (Studies in American Culture-HN)    
      • HIST-4404 (Hist of Amer Architecture)    
      • HIST-5404 (Hist of American Architecture)    
      • HIST-6203 (Studies/Rsrch in Amer Folklife)    
      • HIST-6301 (Adm of Museums/Historic Sites)    
      • HIST-6302 (Collections Mgmt in Museums)    
      • HIST-6303 (Educ/Interpretation at Museums)    
      • HIST-6304 (Exhibits at Museums/Hist Sites)    
      • HIST-6699 (Thesis)