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Colleen Vasconcellos

Colleen Vasconcellos

Phone: 678-839-6032 | Fax: 678-839-4160

Email:  cvasconc@westga.edu


    Courses and Sections

    • Courses Taught
      • ENGL-3350 (Intro to Africana Studies)    
      • HIST-2111 (U S History I (to 1865))    
      • HIST-2302 (The Historian's Craft:Methdlgy)    
      • HIST-3350 (Intro to Africana Studies)    
      • HIST-3500 (Junior Historiography Seminar)    
      • HIST-4485 (Latin American Women)    
      • HIST-5485 (Latin American Women)    
      • HIST-6686 (The Atlantic World)    
      • HIST-6699 (Thesis)