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Auditing Courses

VA does not pay for classes which are audited.

Independent Study

 (Graduates & Undergraduates)

These courses will be measured on the number of credit hours assigned to them by the institution.  Students should check with the VCO if he/she must schedule an independent study course in order to obtain instructions for receiving VA approval.  THIS SHOULD BE DONE IN ADVANCE OF REGISTRATION FOR THE CLASS.

Internships: Graduate & Undergraduates

Anyone interested in registering for a NON-TEACHING internship should notify the department head and dean of the course and present complete information to the Registrar’s Office as far in advance as possible.  SEPARATE APPROVAL MUST BE SOUGHT IN THESE CASES.

Irregular Summer Semester Schedules

With many irregular summer semester schedules, it should be noted that the veteran or dependent cannot receive payment for any full calendar month in which he/she does not enroll in classes.  In other words, if your summer schedule ends June 5, and your fall semester classes begin August 18 or later, you cannot get paid for July or the break between semesters because the full calendar month of July intervenes between enrollments.  This makes it advantageous for the student to sign up for classes extending to the end of the summer semester.

Withdrawals with grade of "W"

VA allows for one grade of "W" or "F" without penalty of repayment; after the first "W" or "F" is recieved, VA will not pay for any courses in which a punitive or non-punitive grade was received. Benefits for that course will be terminated effective the first day of enrollment in that course.

“The institution serves only as a source of certification and information to the Veterans Affairs.”

Students receiving VA benefits must adhere strictly to a planned program of study as indicated in their school catalog.  They are required to report to the Registrar’s Office changes in course load, withdrawals, change of program, address, or any interruptions in class attendance in order to minimize personal liability resulting from overpayment of benefits or suspension of benefits.  VETERANS ADMINISTRATION REGULATIONS INDICATE THAT STUDENTS RECEIVING BENEFITS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND CLASS (ES) REGULARLY.

Physical Education Requirements

You must consult the catalog under which you entered UWG or your advisor to determine Physical Education requirements since they are not required for all majors.  Veterans who served at least two years of ACTIVE DUTY may contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information about Physical Education requirements.

What Veterans should know about GI Bill benefits
Generally, eligible veterans have 36 months of benefits.
For active duty veterans, these benefits expire 10 years after separation from the service.
For members of the reserve components, they expire 15 years after service member becomes eligible (normally upon completing IDAT (initial date active training)).
Benefits may be used while attending school to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. These educational benefits stop once the educational goal is reached. 
Most vets can get some college credit for their military training and experience. Following are the facilities which provide military transcripts to your school. Although the school is required to review the transcript for prior credit, it does not have to grant any. Any credit granted shortens the time to your degree, allowing you to retain more of the 36 months of benefits.