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Welcome to the Evaluation Center

The Evaluation Center at the University of West Georgia seeks to serve a wide range of clients who are focused on the development of human capital. The Evaluation Center is designed to provide objective evaluation of policies and programs associated with human development across diverse fields and conducted for clients at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Drawing on a broad network of experts across these fields, The Evaluation Center provides extremely cost-effective and technically rigorous evaluation services. Primary clients include schools, school districts, or education agencies; not-for-profit and philanthropic organizations; health services or health education providers; community service, volunteer, or community development agencies; policymakers, legislators, or government or non-governmental (NGOs) entities; and other agencies and organizations whose work encompasses services provided to or for the benefit of individuals.

The Evaluation Center provides services intended to support program and policy development or improvement, formative and summative decision-making, internal and external accountability, determinations of program effectiveness, and organizational capacity building in the collection and appropriate use of data.