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Importing classes from Banner

Information on class import to Active Data calendar from Banner:

- the import is not persistent, it can be run per department request

- imported classes can be purged per request and imported again, all department classes for a specific semester have to be purged all at once

- all imported classes can be modified by department administrator at any time

- if department administrator modifies imported classes and requests them to be purged and imported again at a later time all changes made to those classes in Active Data will be lost

- import process requires room number (room name in Active Data) to be consistent with room number in Banner
- import process requires department name in Active Data to be consistent with department name in Banner

- department administrator is responsible for resolving facility conflicts

Please find information on managing facility conflicts here

- departments may request facility or events/class feeds to be published on their Open Text website:

Please see example 1 

Please see example 2