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Resolving Conflicts in View Reports

The facility exception report can be found in "View Reports" screen in REPORTS tab.

All events that have a conflict with those already in Calendar will show listed by Event Date and Timeframe.

The event exception report can be produced by selecting from the date range selectors provided. Once the date range is selected, click the SUBMIT button to perform the search.The results area will display any events that are currently in a "REVIEW" status due to other events already approved within the Calendar for the same room at the same date and time.

Within the action drop-down the following options are available:

Approve: If selected, then the status of the event in REVIEW is changed to Approved and it is removed from the exception report when the screen is refreshed. The event(s) within the conflicting area can no longer have the same booked space, and therefore will automatically be changed to "Review" status and they will remain on the list under the conflicts area.

Deny: If selected, then the status of the event in REVIEW is changed to Denied and it is removed from the exception report when the screen is refreshed. The event stays within the Active Data Calendar and can be modified to select an alternate facility through the Modify Event area or from the event owner's main menu.

Modify: If selected, then a new window opens that provides the option for the user to select from a list of alternate facilities that are open for the same date/time and within the same building (no other criteria can be taken into consideration from this screen currently). If you would like to search for alternate facilities available by setup options, features, other dates/times, etc., then it is recommended that you download the list, defer action on the event you would like to modify from the "Action" drop-down and go to Modify Event area of the product to do full searching.

Delete: Maintains the event in the database but marks it as deleted. DOES NOT PURGE. Event is removed from the exception report screen when the screen is refreshed.

Defer Action: Removes the event from the exception report screen when the page is refreshed and it does not change any status of the event. Maintains the event "as is" in the Calendar database (Review Status) and the event shows in Review status on all appropriate areas of the Calendar application: Facility Gantt, Event Owner's Main Menu (or Super User) and the event can be accessed as well from the Modify Event wizard. Once the event is deferred from this screen it no longer displays on this screen.


The Facility Exceptions report can export its results to a CSV-format file. Applications such as Microsoft Excel can read and display their contents to facilitate analysis of trends, patterns and the like. On the View Reports - Event(s) Exception Statistics page, click the Download Report (CSV) link.