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Why use an online calendar?
UWG’s online calendar collects the wide array of campus events into one easy-to-use calendar that students, faculty, staff and visitors can check any time they have access to the Internet. It helps individuals find and choose events to attend and makes departmental event planning easier by providing a broad view of what’s happening on campus. It also shows student, prospective students and the public just how many great things we have going on at UWG.

What events are appropriate for the calendar?
All posted events should be hosted or sponsored by UWG; by one of its colleges, departments or programs; or by a registered student organization. This includes events on the academic calendar, sporting events, performances, concerts, exhibits, fairs, etc. Private events, such as departmental meetings, are not included.

Who can submit an event?
Any member of the faculty or staff can submit an event, as can representatives of student organizations. An administrator will approve all events before it will be posted to the live calendar.

When will the calendar be available?
You can begin submitting events now, as the calendar is visible on our website.

How do I submit an event?
Submitting an event is as easy as putting in your email address and password. Complete the online Submit an Event form available at  Be sure to complete all required fields. Your event will be sent to the owner assigned to your category for approval prior to posting. A list of category owners, along with areas of responsibility can be found at:

How long will it take for my event to be posted once I’ve submitted it?
Our goal is to have all events approved within five (5) days, provided you have included all necessary information. However, we encourage you to submit events as far in advance as possible so that people have time to plan on attending. Please contain event titles to 50 characters, including spaces.

What if my event changes?
Please contact your departmental administrator if your event details change.

When should I contact my administrator?
Contact your administrator only with questions about submitting an event or about events that have been rejected. Your administrator cannot enter or alter events that have not been submitted through the system.

How do I know that my event has been posted?
You will receive an email indicating that your event has been posted. You can search under the appropriate tab in the online calendar to see your event.

Where can I find the online calendar?

What are my options if I have general questions?
For general questions about the online calendar system, please refer to the calendar tutorials site which may be found at: or please contact Teresa Steadman at or 678-839-6423