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Event Planning Tips

Please refer to our Events Planning Checklist as a guide for planning events. Please note: not all tasks listed will be relevant to the event you are planning, and not every possible event planning task appears on this list. Please edit this form for your needs as necessary.

Policies for Planning Events
To find a complete guide of policies for planning events please use the Student Organization Handbook; provided by Center for Student Involvement. Here is a more condensed version of frequently used policies that one would need to know when planning an event.

Reserving Facilities:
To determine who to contact to reserve a facility, first choose the facility that will best suit the event’s needs. Please refer to this list of available facilities.

Tips for a successful event:

Your Vision: Why are you planning this event? What is the goal of this event? Who is the target audience? These are critical questions one must ask when beginning to organize an event. A clear vision will also help you streamline the many intricate details that are associated with planning an event.

The Organizer: A successful event is rarely planned and implemented by one person.  Committees or groups are often used to plan and implement a program; however, it is useful to have an organizer overseeing the entire process so there is a single-point-of-contact and responsibility for the event.

Location, Location, Location: When considering venues for an event, think about details associated with the event that are contingent upon your location. Items to consider are:  expected crowd size, type of event (banquet, reception, lecture, performance, meeting, etc.), date of event, and other events planned for that same time and day.

The Main Event:  On the day of the event, plan to arrive at least an hour before guests begin arriving. This allows plenty of time to familiarize oneself with the lights, sound equipment, and set up of the location. Once the event begins, try to relax and enjoy. If you are nervous and tense, your guests will be able to sense it.


Who may use facilities?
Facilities are designated for official university events, academic meeting and programs of registered student organizations. Student organizations must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement.

Can outside organizations, groups or individuals request campus space?
Non-university groups may use facilities, but must make all reservations through Auxiliary Services (78-839-6525)            

What if I need to make changes or adjustments to my reservation?
Contact the office you booked your event space through and they will assist you. 

How far in advance do I need to reserve my room?
We encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible.

If I serve food at my event, must I use Aramark?
Yes, all campus events which include the serving of food must have that food provided by Aramark, unless Aramark prefers not to cater the event or has given their approval for an outside vendor.

Where do my guests park?
If additional parking is needed for larger events, request reserved parking when reserving event space.

Links and Forms

Auxiliary Services- Where to reserve facilities on campus through Auxiliary Services.

University Recreation- Guidelines and information on reservations in the Campus Center and Ballroom.

University Recreation Reservation Form- Used when reserving spaces in the Campus Center.

Center For Student Involvement- Resources and tips for planning events for Registered Student Organizations.

Student Organization Handbook- Handbook for Student Organizations containing polices and procedures.

UWG Coliseum- Policies and booking information when using UWG’s Coliseum.

Academic Affairs- Use this form when reserving general use classrooms, lecture halls, and shared computer lab classrooms associated with the Colleges of Arts and Humanities, Science and Mathematics, and Social Sciences.