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Adding Registration to an Event

1) Click on Details & Registration tab to navigate to Contact & Other Information screen.

2) Check Enable Registration box to turn registration on.

(If selected, then the registration icon will be enabled on the event details screen and visitors to the event details can click the registration icon to complete an interactive form requesting registration for the event)

3) Select Registration Rules:

Single Occurrence Level Registration Only Enforced
(Usually this will be your choice for a simple single occurrence event with registrants being able to register for an event only once)

If selected, Calendar visitors will see the registration option available from all occurrence dates and will be able to register for any one single occurrence that they choose. Once the visitor is approved for registration for one occurrence in the series, then they will no longer be able to register for any other dates/times in the series. If the visitor attempts to register for a second occurrence in the series, they will receive a message that they are already registered and may not register for more than one occurrence and the date/time of the occurrence for which they are already registered will appear.

Multiple Occurrence Registration Allowed
If selected, Calendar visitors will need to register for each occurrence in the series individually. If a visitor would like to register for multiple or all dates in the series, then they will see an option to "Register for other Dates in the Series" and they will have the option to select multiple occurrences, all occurrences or a single occurrence within the series by selecting the
appropriate checkboxes. The visitor may or may not be approved for all dates/times that they request since approval/denial of registrants for these types of events is on an occurrence by occurrence basis.

4) Enter Maximum Number of Registrants or check Unlimited box:
You may set a maximum number of event registrants and if the number of available registration spaces should display on the event details screen. The maximum number of registrants is based off the number of approved registrations in the administration area.

5) Enter Registration Deadline and Cancellation Deadline:
If a registration deadline is selected/entered, then registration will be automatically turned off from the front-end Calendar screens on that date, regardless of whether the maximum registrants has been reached or not. You may always go into Modify Event to extend the
date or make the deadline sooner, however the date selected must always be after the current date. If maximum registrants are set and a registration deadline is set, then the first “rule” met will supersede the other.

6) (Optional) Choose “Yes” or “No” under Display Registration Spaces Still Available: The default is set to "No" which means that the number of registration spaces still available for the event will not show with the event details on the front-end Calendar views. If "Yes" is selected, then a message will display at the top of the event details screen.

7) (Optional) Change Display text when no spaces are remaining: The default text displayed where no registration spaces are remaining/available is, "There are no registration spaces remaining for this event." If you would like a custom message displayed with the event details on the front-end Calendar view screens, please edit the text within the field provided. This field allows for up to 100 maximum alpha-numeric characters to be entered.

8) Click on Preview and Finish to post your event to the calendar.