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Manage Event Registrations

1) Events with active registration can be managed from the Manage Event Registrations area.

Click on the REGISTRATION tab and then select REGISTRANTS: ACTIVE.



Only those departments to which you have been granted permission will display for selection of sorting. The date range option searches for any event with registration that is active during the date range selected and for which you have permission.

If your event is not displayed adjust date range and click on SEARCH

2) Click the number under Pending Registrants to navigate to the Pending Registrants screen and process the registrants for your event.

3) Use Action Dropdown to Aprrove/Deny/Delete registrants. Once you approve a registrant, he/she will recive an email with their registration confirmation number and a space will be substracted form a max registrants number you entered for this event.

You will find your approved/denied/cancelled registrants under Approved/Denied/Cancelled Registrants links.

TIP 1: To temporarily disable an event registration, click the Disable link. To re-enable the registration click enable.

TIP 2: You can add registrants manually with a (+) sign displayed to the left of the event name.

TIP 3: Use "Download" link to download a spreadsheet with all event registrants.