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Generating links to Active Data Calendar

Quick Links function allows you to generate a link to the list of events in Active Data Calendar. You can cut and paste this link into HTML or Open Text page to display it on your departmental website.

1) To navigate to the Generate Quick Links functionality, click on the MARKETING tab and select GENERATE: QUICK


Any combination of the available selection boxes/drop-downs can be chosen in order to comprise the type of
events listed from the Quick Link.

2)  Select View Type: Event Summary

3)  Select Category(s)/Subcategory(s).

Select One or All Categories from the drop-down or choose to Select Multiple. If “Select Multiple” is chosen, then the additional function window will open to the right of the screen, allowing you to choose multiple Category(s)/Subcategory(s).

4)  Check "Select Events for a Specific Date Range" and Select Range of Dates: Next 30 Days

5)  Click the SUBMIT button to automatically generate the Quick Link which will display in a separate function window
on the right hand side of the screen. Cut and paste the Quick Link into HTML page or Open Text area of
your site where you would like the Quick Link to display.