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Approving Events

Category Owners and Department Administrators must approve events before they are actually viewed on a calendar website. Before you can manage events displayed on the calendar you will need to login to the calendar with credentials given to you by your Calendar Administrator.

1) Click on MAIN MENU icon located in upper right corner to enter Main Menu - Marketing screen.


If you are a Category Owner to a locked Category, you will have access to Process Pending Events area and will see those events that are submitted to a Category that you own.

2)  Click on a particular Event Name to see Event Details.


3) Review Events Details


4)  You may want to click on COMMENTS to see if any comments have been entered for this event.

5) You may want to click on Status - View to see current status of this event.

6) You may want to click on CHANGE LOG to see all actions performed on this event.

7)  You may want to click on Internal tab to see Event Owner Details. 

If an event has been added through a public web form you will see who submitted this event under Submitted by.

6) Click APPROVE  to approve an event. This will add an event to the appropriate Calendar Category and remove it from the Pending screen.

If you choose to DENY an event, the standard denial email will be sent to the user who entered the event through Active Data Calendar. System will prompt you to enter in a message that will be sent back to the user who submitted the event notifying them why their request is being denied.

Click on MODIFY to enter the Modify Event area so that you can make changes to the event. NOTE:  The modify button is only available for the Department Administrators,  Category Owners cannot modify the event.

NOTE: If you deny or approve an event submitted via a public web form, it is very important that you notify a person who submitted this event via SEND NOTIFICATION screen. System does NOT send automatic approval/denial emails for events submitted through a public web form.  (Click here for a tutorial on Sending Notifications via Active Data Calendar).