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Sending Email Notifications

Send Event Email Notice function allows you to send email notifications to calendar users, third party email addresses, and registered event subscribers.  

1) To send an email notice regarding a specific pending event click on SEND NOTIFICATION button located on a detailed view of a pending event.



If an event is no longer pending you will access Event Email Notice through MARKETING - EMAIL menu option. You will have to search for your event to send a notification related to this event.


2)  Leave Email Includes Internal Notes and Comments Log blank if you are sending a notification to a 3rd party recipient (for example to a faculty/staff member or a student who submitted this event through a public web form). If you are sending a notification to a Calendar Adminitrator or a Category Owner you may check this box, this will allow them to see internal event information and enter comments.

3) Select from the following checkboxes the type of Calendar user, third party recipient(s) or registered event subscriber(s) that you would like to send an email notice.

If you are sending an email to a 3rd party recipient enter his/her email in a Third Party Recipients box.


4) Enter your email message under Create Custom Email Message box.


5) Click on SUBMIT to send your message.