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Adding Events

Before you can add events displayed on the calendar you will need to login to the calendar with credentials given to you by your Calendar Administrator.

1. Click on the EVENTS tab

2. Click on the EVENTS: ADD

3. On the Add Event - General Details screen Select Department from Department drop-down (includes all of the Departments that you have been given Permission)

4. Enter Event Name (100 characters max).

5. Select Public Calendar.  If you want to start using Private Calendar please contact Calendar Administrator to set up a private Category for your department. Private Calendar is appropriete for staff meetings, internal training and other departmental events.  

6. Check Highlight an Event if you would like to include this event in highlighted event list, or leave it unchecked (You must be authorized to Highlight Events). "Highlighted" events display at the top of any list of events.

7. Select Category(s)/Subcategory(s) -  You may "Select Multiple" Categories or Subcategories. Please refer to the descriptions of Event Category(s)/Subcategory(s) to designate Category(s)/Subcategory(s) properly. Consider adding your event to at least one of the general categories (Arts & Culture, Lectures & Seminars, Sports & Recreation, Student Events, Public Events, University Events).

8. Enter Event Description using WYSIWYG editor. Do not embed scripts and videos within Events Description, please provide a link to a video/other media instead.

9. Enter Event Date and Duration.

10. Enter Event Time. You may check "All Day Event" for all day events.

At this point your event is ready to be published. If you would like to provide more details, such as location, image, detail schedule or admission information you must navigate to the appropriate tab.***

11. Click PREVIEW.  

On the Preview and Finalize Event screen you can either SAVE your event as it is currently entered or RELEASE the event to the Calendar or for processing by the appropriate administrator(s) or category owner(s). You may use COMMENTS button to enter internal comments about this event.

12. Click FINISH.


***Tab: Images & Attachments

Navigate to the Images & Attachments screen. There are no required fields on this screen.

Use Browse and ADD buttons to upload Image and/or Attachment files. (You must click the ADD button in order to finalize adding your file to the event. The image must be either a .GIF or a .JPG and the maximum file size should not exceed 80K. Image size should not exceed 350 pixels wide. The aspect ratio of any image that you upload will remain constant. The attachments can be any of the following document types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .vsdx, .wav, .wmf, .wma, .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .avi, .mp3, .ram, .qt, .swf.  Each attachment cannot exceed the maximum 5mb)

Please note that you must enter in Image and Attachment Alt Text when uploading an image or a document for display. The Alt text is displayed if an image or a file cannot be rendered on a screen, this is usually a short text describing an image or a document. For example it can be a name of a person pictured or a short title of a document.

***Tab: Scheduling and Facilities

Navigate to the Scheduling & Facilities screen. There are no required fields on this screen.

You can create a NEW SCHEDULE, CHANGE TIME, ADD OCCURANCES and ADD INTERVALS using this screen.

If you choose to create a NEW SCHEDULE remember to click on "GENERATE SCHEDULE" to save it.

If you do not want to display end date and time on the calendar check "This event should not display an end date or end time" box.

Check Event Location(s) in Location/Building/Room box and SAVE. Use (+)  (-) to expand Location/Building/Room tree and to navigate to the proper location.

*Please note that Active Data Calendaring is not implemented as a scheduling system at this time and selecting a Location for an event in this step does not mean that you officially reserved this location for your event. Please follow standard university procedures for reserving locations for your event.

 ***Tab: Details and Registration

Navigate to the Details and Registration screen. There are no required fields on this screen. You can complete any of the following fields to enter additional details for your event or to enable registration.