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Modify, Cancel, Delete Events

1) To navigate to the Modify/Cancel /Delete functionality, click on the EVENTS tab and select Modify/Cancel /Delete link.

This function is used to select an Event that you would like to modify, cancel or delete from within the Active Data
Calendar program. When an event is cancelled, you will also have the option to select to reschedule the event as


2) Select an Event to Modify/Cancel /Delete by clicking on an Event Name in the left side drop-down.

The drop-down will default to the last 25 events that were added/modified by the user who is accessing this function.
If you do not see the event that you would like to modify/cancel/delete from this default list, please use the "Search for Events" function window in order to search for additional event. For example if you are searching for an event  "Greek Week" scheduled for this month, type "Greek Week" under Keyword Search, check box Select Events for a Specific Date Range, select Current Month from Range of Dates drop-down, and click on SEARCH.

3) Click on SUBMIT button to enter Modify/Cancel/Delete Event screen.

4) Select Modify, Cancel or Delete and click on SUBMIT. 

a) Modify Event:  Allows you to change event information and the event will be resent to all applicable Administrators or Category Owners for re-processing.  If you are an Administrator and the event has not been added to any locked category(s), then the event changes will post live automatically on completion of your modification process.If the event is part of a series, then you will be presented with a drop-down to select Series or Occurences.

b) Cancel: Allows you to cancel a single event (and choose to reschedule or not). Cancelled event will appear on the calendar with the word (Cancelled) in front of the event name. If you have elected to reschedule a cancelled event, then you will be navigated to a Reschedule Event Wizard that will include the same functionality as the Modify Event Wizard. The new rescheduled event will display on the front- end with the word "Rescheduled" for the new date/time. There will be a link added to the
"Cancelled" event occurrence details screen that allows any web visitor to click and navigate directly to the "Rescheduled" occurrence date.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you cancel out of the Reschedule Event Wizard you will not be able to reschedule that cancelled event. You will instead have to enter a new event for the rescheduled occurrence/event.

c) Delete:  Removes the event completely from the Calendar database and it will no longer be available for any purposes in the Calendar application.

Yes/No Radio Selection: Click the radio button associated with the action that you would like to take. Select "Yes" if you do want to finalize the delete process. Select "No" if you want to end this action. Click the FINISH button to finalize your action.