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SYE Networks

The 2nd Mile is a program for 2nd year students and it offers various networks for you to join. These networks connect you with other 2nd year students who have similar interests. 2nd Mile will provide resources and programming specific to each network. We will alert you to those activities and programs based on what networks you choose to join. This way, you can be sure you will be receiving the information you need in order to help you reach your goals and thrive during your 2nd year at UWG!

Press your EXCELerator: Want to “excel” at UWG? Then this is the network for you. The Excel network provides assistance to ALL students from HOPE scholars to students on academic warning or probation. It also offers programs for minority students and gets these students involved with More Power 2 You, a part of the Multicultural Achievement Program. Excel also provides you with study sessions, tutoring, and advising information specifically for 2nd year students. But this network isn’t all about your books- we also have fun! There will be a 2nd Mile Welcome Back Blast, Secret Destination trips, The 2nd Mile Marker Challenge, finals breakfast, and a Sophomore retreat. We also have free tailgates at the football games w/ food and face tattoos and we host a “Halfway to Graduation” celebration for students in this network at the end of your 2nd year. This celebration is the whole chi-bang with prizes, free food, and fun! This is the just name a few! You’ll have a lot of fun with this network all while getting the help and resources you need in order to succeed academically!

All Roads CONNECT West: Haven’t made the connection on campus like you had hoped you would? Well… here’s your chance! This network provides events only for 2nd year students to connect with each other as well as with the campus community! We will help you learn more about Greek Life and many other student organizations on campus. You can participate in campus sports as a part of the 2nd Mile intramural teams. And we will plan outdoor adventures trips just for you such as whitewater rafting and horseback riding and help you get involved with trips and events hosted by UREC! This network will also have mentors to help you reach out and get connected with organizations and other departments on campus! So get ready to have some fun connecting with UWG and other students and join the Connect network!

Mapping a PLAN to Your Future: Undecided about which road to take or not sure what career path is right for you? Join this network and take advantage of the opportunities to explore all the majors and careers UWG has to offer! In this network, you will be given the tools to help you discover your personality type and strengths. Identifying your strengths and knowing your personality type can help you navigate through all the majors and careers and arrive at your perfect match. This network also offers an Alumni Mentoring Program where you can connect with UWG alumni who are currently working in your chosen career field. These mentors will help you all the way from deciding on a major to networking within your field. Within this network, you’ll also receive help with interviewing skills, building your resume, finding a part-time job on or off campus, and you’ll be introduced to many different internships and co-ops! Internships and co-ops are a great to test drive a career before committing to a major. After exploring the majors, we will host a “Marti Gras of Majors” and a Marti Gras after party for those who declare their major during their 2nd year. Once you’ve declared a major, you can take advantage of all the “major specific” events like preparing the TEAS for pre-nursing students and taking a mock PCAT for pre-pharmacy majors. So buckle up, hit the road and get ready for a fun ride while you map a plan to your future!

GROW as you go: Still feeling like your road is under construction? Let this network help you pave and strengthen your path to success! Through this network you’ll be able to grow, not only professionally, but also personally. You’ll be given valuable opportunities to network with others and volunteer on campus and throughout the community. You may also be taking a path that will lead you to explore another culture… If this is you, join this network and you’ll have a chance to attend several study abroad workshops where there may be a scholarship waiting on you! Maybe becoming a leader is the path you’re taking… If so, this network will provide the directions you need in order to establish yourself as a successful leader! But don’t forget… taking care of yourself and getting the proper tune-ups is essential to your success! This network will connect you to resource to help keep your motor running and manage all the great things you have going on!

LIVE in the moment: This network is one of our new networks and is currently under construction. In the future, more will be added to this network. At the present time, we are encouraging 2nd year students to live on campus in order to be more involved with the 2nd Mile and its activities. We are offering incentives to 2nd year students who choose to live on campus and we are hosting events specifically for those students. These events include FREE tutoring in the residence halls, free “Dinner & a Movie” nights, and much more!

TRANSFER your path to success: Did you transfer to UWG? If so, this is the perfect network for you! You’ll receive all the help you need in order to transition successfully. We offer Welcome Week activities just for transfer students in their 2nd year of college along with Welcome Week Packets and free lunches. The lunches and other Welcome Week activities will provide a time for you can meet and mingle with other transfer students and also get to know your mentor. You will be connected with a 2nd Mile Mentor who also transferred for UWG and can help you get connected with helpful resources on campus! This network also offers exclusive transfer seminars to help you get familiar with UWG, its traditions, and the campus life!