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Ask Andy

photoWelcome to Ask Andy!  Ask Andy is a way for students to get answers to their college concerns. Andy is the "answer all" expert here at UWG. If you have any questions about anything, Andy has the answer. Just click here to e-mail Andy!  

Below are some previously asked questions:

Dear Andy,

I am writing to ask you some questions about college! I haven't enrolled yet, but hope to start next semester. Is it normal for me to know NOTHING about college? Does UWG go by semesters or quarters, and why are colleges different on that -- or are they? If I want to make my schedule who do I go to for help in doing so? I don't want to be too confused and just choose anything. Can I choose? I am glad that I found this site! Thanks! J

Dear J,

Don't worry, almost everyone who first comes to college seems to be a little confused and does not know a whole lot about what they have to do -- that's why the EXCEL Center (Room 200, UCC, 678-839-6280) is here to help.

UWG is on the semester system -- the whole University System of Georgia switched over to semesters in 1998. There are three semesters a year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Most students attend Fall and Spring, while a few attend in the summer.

When you are a new student, you will have many of your questions answered at a formal Orientation Program. If you are admitted to UWG for the Fall Semester, you have a choice of several dates to attend orientation in the summer. The earlier, the better because your choice of classes is more extensive in the beginning of the summer. If you start in January or June, you will have an Orientation Program just before your first day of class that will answer all your questions. At all orientations, you will have academic advisors who will help you choose classes and get you registered.

We take care of all your needs and concerns at orientation, so remember -- no worries. You'll see an advisor, talk to fellow students, tour the campus and have any/all your questions answered.

I'm glad you wrote me and I'm here if you need any other questions answered.

Thanks for asking,

Hi Andy,
Tell me how I can go about getting a good tutor for History and Sociology. I feel myself slipping and I know that I am applying myself to the best of my ability. I have the potential of a strong 3.5 yet this is not happening. Need your help ASAP. Thanks! Struggling

Hi Struggling,

The answer to your request lies in my backyard. That is, the Excel Center has a tutor for history and sociology. Give them a call @ 678-839-6280 and make an appointment. Ms. Pace or one of the student assistants will make the appointment. My best wishes for your success in these courses.

Thanks for asking,


Is there a 15 minute rule at the University so that if a professor doesn't show up, the students can leave?


Dear B,

Unfortunately, there is no such rule. The university attendance policy is at the discretion of the instructor. I would assume the same goes for tardiness to class.

Thanks for asking,