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Study Skills

Clicking on the links below will take you to another website that is not part of the EXCEL Center. website. 

How to Study!
Organizing for Tests
Index System 
SQ3R PowerPoint
Learning Model
Way to Write
Study Skills Help
Effective Habits for Effective Study
A.S.P.I.R.E. Study System
Study Skills Checklist
Tips for College Students
Study Skills PowerPoint

Time Management 101 
Study Guides and Strategies
Time Management Tool 
About.com Time Management
College Board: Time Management 
Time Management PowerPoint

Taking Notes in Lectures
Notetaking Strategies
Note Taking Techniques
Note Taking Skills
Cornell Note Taking
5 Tips for Note Taking
Note Taking Tips Students
Note Taking Techniques


Better Test Taking  
Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests
Test Preparation Tips
Test Taking Tips
Post Test Tips 
Multiple Choice Test Tips
Essay Test Tips
Reducing Test Anxiety
10 Tips for Test Taking
Developing Study Groups


Personal Goal Setting
Top Achievement: SMART Goal Setting
About.com: Goal Setting
Personal Goal Setting Worksheet
Goal Setting Worksheet



How to Stop Procrastination
About.com: Procrastination
10 Tips to Help You Overcome Procrastination
About.com: Overcoming Procastination


8 Tips Toward Better Listening
Effective Listening Skills
Communicating Effectively



How to Memorize
Memorization Techniques
Memorization Tips
Improve Your Memory
Improve Short Term Memory
Improve Long Term Memory
Memory Exercises
Memory Techniques
Concentration Tips


Overview of Learning Styles
Learning Styles Survey (handout)
Learning Styles (worksheet)
VARK (questionnaire)
Funderstanding: Learning Styles
Learning Styles PowerPoint

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