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Online Tutoring

In addition to face-to-face tutoring, the EXCEL Center is introducing a new online tutoring program that allows students to communicate with a tutor in real time. An online whiteboard allows students to work with a tutor to solve a math problem, draw a diagram, or construct a good thesis statement. Students and tutors talk through instant messaging, over the telephone or through a headset.

To make an online tutoring appointment:

Call the EXCEL Center at 678-839-6280
Stop by UCC 200.

How does online tutoring work?

EXCEL Center's online tutoring uses Wimba Pronto. Wimba tools utilize an online meeting room in which you can interact with a tutor and fellow students by talking, listening, drawing and writing. You can also use video if you want. Other options are:

Wimba Pronto

If your appointment is via Wimba Pronto you must setup Wimba Pronto on your computer:
1. Login to CourseDen at
2. Under "External Courses" link, click on "Wimba Pronto"


3. If you already have an account on any Pronto server anywhere (including the CS dept's Moodle server), click the "I already have an account" link

4. If you do not have an account, follow the prompts to create one (we suggest using the same username as your campus username & password - but you can use  anything at all)
5. Download and install Pronto for your Windows or Mac computer (picture of link below)

6. Once you get the Pronto Client installed, you're all set! And, you don't even need to login to CourseDen to use Pronto - all Pronto activity occurs through the client software. The only time you would need to access the "My Pronto" website would be to update your Pronto account information (email address, password, or add/drop courses from your Pronto Course List).
7. Click here to access the Pronto User Guide.

If you ever need to Add / Drop courses from your "Course" tab in Pronto, simply go to your My Pronto account and check or un-check the classes you'd like to add/remove. Contact the EXCEL Center for more information at 678-839-6280 or for technical issues contact Distance Learning 678-839-6248.

Note that your Pronto ID does not have to be the same as your CourseDen username; however, you should choose something appropriate as this will be displayed to other users using Pronto. We recommend that you just keep your MyUWG username unless Pronto says the ID is already taken. Also, your Pronto password is not connected to CourseDen in any way - they can be different (or the same).  


What equipment is required?

Wimba classroom runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.



How do I login for my tutoring appointment?

1.) Make sure you are on time for your tutoring session! The EXCEL Center tutor will only wait 15 minutes before you are marked as a no-show. (See no-show agreement)
2.) Login to Pronto                                                                             
3.) Once it is loaded click on the "School" tab

4.) Double click on the Excel Tutoring Help Desk
5.) A comment box will show up. Please type in your name (first and last) and who your tutor is

6.) You will be in the Pronto waiting room. Please be patient and your tutor will be with you momentarily.

Contact the EXCEL Center for more information at 678-839-6280 or for technical issues contact Distance Learning 678-839-6248