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Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid

Yes, amazing things happen when you ‘Go West’, but you are still faced with the cost of attendance. UWG’s Department of Financial Aid is here to help. We work with a variety of federal, state and institutional loans, grants, scholarships and work programs. We provide information and assistance to students, their parents or sponsors and secondary school personnel. If you are a current or prospective financial aid recipient, explore your options today.

Interested in Attending Summer Courses?

If you are interested enrolling in Summer 2016 classes and receiving Financial Aid for the Summer 2016 semester, please login to your BANWEB account and respond to the Summer Enrollment question which pops up immediately upon login. If you have already clicked out of the survey, you may go to the Personal Information section and select "Answer a Survey". Please note: There are annual limits for most financial aid funds, and you may have already exhausted those limits between the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.

The UWG Financial Aid Office will review your Summer Aid eligibility and send notification to your UWG email address within 3 weeks regarding your eligibility. The Summer 2016 payment deadline of May 2, 2016 remains in effect even while your financial aid status is under review. Please take appropriate steps to meet the requirements of the payment deadline while we are reviewing your financial aid eligibility.

The Summer 2016 Schedule of Classes should be available in early March.

Important Dates & Deadlines

February 8 - Last day to withdraw from Session I courses

March 1 - Last day to apply for Summer semester graduation

March 3 - Last day to withdraw from Full Session courses with a grade of  "W"

March 4 - Spring Session I (non-eCore) classes end

March 7 - Spring Session II (non-eCore) classes begin

March 14-19 - Spring Break (No classes, offices open)

March 28 - On-Time Registration begins for Summer/Fall 2016

April 7 - Last day to withdraw from Session II (non-eCore) courses 

April 23-29 - Final Instruction/Spring Exams

April 30 - Spring 2016 Graduation

Additional Dates and Deadlines: The Scoop