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Can I take classes at another school and have financial aid available?

If you want UWG to remain your home school, you will need to complete a Transient Status Permission Form PRIOR to the term you want to take classes.  This gives you permission to take specific classes at another school and have those hours come back to UWG and be applied toward your program completion.

Home school:  the school from which you want to receive your degree. 
Host school:  the school that you will attend temporarily to gain credit toward your degree program at your home school.

*Please note that there are some restrictions that will be defined on the Transient Status Permission Form.


  1. Print the Transient Status Permission Form               
  2. Complete the student section
  3. Submit the form to your advisor/dean of your major for approval    
  4. If approved, submit the completed form to the Admission Office of the school you wish to attend. 

In order to be eligible for financial aid, you MUST be admitted at that school with a TRANSIENT status.
A copy of the approved form should be faxed by your advisor/dean to the Financial Aid Office at 678-839-6422 for review of Financial Aid eligibility.

How do I get my financial aid for classes I take at another school?

You cannot receive federal funds at two schools for the same time period. Only your HOME school can disburse federal funds such as student loans, Pell Grant etc.

A Consortium Agreement will be sent by the UWG Financial Aid Office to the school you wish to attend as a transient student.  Once completed by the other school and returned to UWG, your financial aid eligibility will be updated to reflect the hours reported on the consortium agreement.

Consortium Agreement:  A document generated by the UWG Financial Aid Office for completion by the host school to officially acknowledge enrollment and admission status.

Refunds for federal financial aid will be available via your UWG HigherOne Card at the next available disbursement date once the term has begun and the consortium agreement has been completed and returned by the host school.

*You will need to be prepared to cover your charges at the other school by their fee payment deadline and be reimbursed with your federal financial aid once all the completed paperwork is received.*

Note:  Fee payment deadlines will vary at each school.  Check with the other school for their fee payment date.  

How do I get HOPE funds at another school as a transient student if I am HOPE eligible?

A HOPE Certificate of Eligibility will be sent electronically to the other school once the approved Transient Permission Form is received.

    The other school will then post your HOPE eligibility directly toward your charges for that term.

    *Please remember that HOPE no longer covers all charges so there will be a balance due after HOPE is applied that you must pay by that school’s fee payment deadline.*  

How do I get the credit for classes taken at another school as a transient back to UWG?

You would need to request an OFFICIAL transcript be sent from the other school to the UWG Registrar’s Office once your classes are completed at that school for the term in question. The UWG Registrar will then apply the classes toward your UWG degree program.  

What is the difference between Transient and Transfer status?

As a TRANSIENT student, UWG remains your HOME school. Any hours taken with Transient Permission approval will come back to UWG and be applied toward completion of your UWG program.

As a TRANSFER student, you would no longer be considered a UWG student. You would need to submit an Official UWG Transcript and Admission Application to the other school to be admitted at that school as a regular student. That school would then become your home school.

How do I get financial aid as a TRANSFER student?

If you will be transferring FROM UWG to another school, you will need to submit a copy of your Official UWG Transcript along with the Admission Application to the school you want to attend.

To receive financial aid at that school, you should submit the FAFSA listing the school code of the new school. This gives permission for FAFSA to send your information to the new school. You will complete your financial aid file with the new school to be eligible for payment.

If you are HOPE eligible, you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at your new school and ask what paperwork is needed for them to determine your HOPE eligibility. Each school must make a determination of your HOPE eligibility before HOPE funds can be applied.

I am a new TRANSFER student to UWG.  How do I get financial aid?

In order to receive federal funds, you must complete a FAFSA and list UWG has a school. UWG school code is 001601. With UWG shown on your FAFSA, we will receive your FAFSA information for processing your federal awards.

If you have already completed a FAFSA but did not list UWG originally, you may go back to the FAFSA web site and add UWG to your existing information. (UWG school code is 001601). Once your FAFSA information is received, the process will begin for financial aid eligibility. Normally it may take 5-7 days from the time you add UWG to your FAFSA before we receive your data.

Once your financial aid file is completed, you will receive notification of your awards. Please note that in some cases, you will need to ACCEPT certain awards before they become valid and ready for disbursement.