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Refund Policy

Will I receive any money back if I withdraw from my classes?
Refunds will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the # of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total # of calendar days in the semester. Students who withdraw after 60% of the semester has been completed are not entitled to a refund of charges.

Refund schedules and a copy of the Board of Regents policy may be obtained from the Bursar's Office, the Registrar's Office or the Financial Aid Office.

For any question regarding this policy, contact the Bursar's Office in Aycock Hall or call 678-839-4737.

Will I have to repay any of the financial aid I received if I withdraw from my classes?

In accordance with federal regulations, you may be required to repay a portion of federal or state financial aid received or credited to your account if you withdraw prior to the end of the semester. In all cases, refunds will be credited back to the financial aid programs in the following order:

   1. Direct Stafford Loan
   2. Federal Perkins Loan
   3. Direct PLUS Loan
   4. Federal Pell Grant
   5. Federal SEOG
   6. Other Title IV assistance
   7. State Programs
   8. Private / Institutional Programs
   9. Student

Is there a limit to the total amount of aid that I can receive?
Your total awards may not exceed your budget as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Your total need-based aid (Ford Direct Subsidized Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Pell Grant, FSEOG, and Federal Work-Study) cannot exceed your financial need (your budget less your Expected Family Contribution as determined by the FAFSA). You are over awarded if your total aid exceeds your budget or your need-based aid exceeds your financial need. The university must revise awards or require repayment of financial aid where there is an over award.

How does dropping or adding classes during drop-add affect my financial aid?
If you add or drop hours during drop-add, your fees and financial aid will adjust accordingly. If there is an error and you receive aid for more hours than you are taking, you could be responsible for a repayment.