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Job Opportunities

For those of you who do major in finance, your career will probably begin in one of these three areas :

1.  Capital Markets and Institutions
2.  Investments
3.  Financial Management

The career opportunities within these areas are many and varied, but financial managers must have a knowledge of all three if they are to do their jobs well.Capital Markets and Institutions Many finance major go to work for a financial institution, including banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, and investment banking firms.InvestmentsFinance graduates who go into investments often work for a brokerage house such as Merrill Lynch, either in sales or as a security analyst. Others work for banks, mutual funds, or insurance companies in the management of their investment portfolios; for financial consulting firms advising individual investors or pension funds on how to invest their capital; for an investment bank, whose primary function is to help businesses raise new capital; or as financial planners who help individuals develop and achieve long-term financial goals.Financial ManagementFinancial Management is the broadest of the three areas , and the one with the greatest number of job opportunities. Financial management is important in all types of businesses including banks and other financial institutions, as well as industrial and retail firms. Financial  management is also important in government operations.For an excellent site containing information on a variety of business career areas, listing of current jobs, and a variety of other reference materials, click on the link below.


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