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USG Response to H1N1 – A Timeline

The University System of Georgia has been prepared well in advance of the H1N1 arrival in Georgia. When the first reports of the virus were being received, the Emergency Operations Committee started preparing to respond to the challenges posed by the H1N1 Influenza A virus. Institutions had already developed Pan Flu plans as a supplement to their existing emergency action plans. These plans had been reviewed as a part of the initial EOPs plan evaluation a few years ago.

Following is a brief timeline of those actions:

All institutions have existing pandemic flu plans, which include the designation of an institution pandemic response coordinator. Based on the challenges of H1N1, many institutions have adjusted their pan flu plans and continue to meet and talk with campus response/planning committees. Critical information is shared with EOPs Coordinators through the virtual work space and the new emergency virtual communications center is being fully implemented at this time. 

USG institutions continue to work with health officials in their immediate area, monitor local conditions and increase campus community awareness of simple preventative measures. Some institutions are providing hand sanitizer dispensers in food service areas and restrooms as well as handing out small personal bottles of sanitizer.

Institutions continue to remain vigilant, share information from reliable, reputable sources and adjust emergency plans as necessary to meet the changing challenges of H1N1.