Flu Home at The University of West Georgia

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Information for Parents

The University of West Georgia’s Pandemic Flu Committee first met three years ago to prepare for the possibility of widespread influenza on campus. Procedures are in place to minimize the risk of infection, care for those who become ill and maintain a safe campus environment for your student in the event of a high number of faculty, staff and students being affected by the seasonal or Type A (H1N1) influenzas this fall.

Administrators and officials at UWG will continue to coordinate with local and state public health officials as we monitor and respond to any documented cases on campus. Timely updates concerning the UWG campus will be published on this site and interested individuals may also visit http://www.flu.gov/  or Georgiadisaster.info for more general information. 

UWG Health Services

Encourage your student to report to UWG Health Services or their private physician if they are ill, especially if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms which include fever, dry cough and body aches. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have set the criteria for screening for Type A flu if the individual has a fever of 102 degrees or higher.


If students are diagnosed with Type A influenza, the CDC recommends self-isolation, which means no contact with others until there is no fever present for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. UWG encourages students to go home if at all possible for the duration of their illness.

Self-isolation requires the ill individual to remain in their room and not attend classes or any social functions. Students living on-campus should contact their Resident Advisor for instructions in the event their roommate becomes ill.

Food Service

Meals for those students who live in residence halls with campus meal plans will be delivered to the ill students while they are observing self-isolation.  Students who have not purchased meal plans may also have meals delivered to residence halls with a cost per meal. For information concerning meal delivery, contact housing@westga.edu.


The seasonal flu vaccine, which is expected by UWG Health Services in early September, will be administered at the Health Services Center on a first-come, first serve basis. There is no cost for students. Once the Type A flu vaccine is available, expected in October, a mass inoculation plan will be implemented to cover all students, faculty, staff and their dependents.  Details of this plan will be posted on this site and will be widely distributed throughout the campus community.

Academic Work

While keeping your student healthy during this flu season is a high priority, please remind your student that their academic work must be maintained.  UWG Health Services will provide written confirmation of the diagnosis for students to present to faculty members in order to be excused from classes.  If diagnosed by a private physician, written confirmation should be requested by the student.  Students are responsible for work missed according to each individual faculty member’s policy.