Flu Home at The University of West Georgia

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Residence Living

UWG highly encourages student residents with Type A flu to go home and recuperate with family.  If the student is able to go home, they are advised to not return to campus until they have maintained no fever for 24 hours without any medications. The Health Services Patient Advocate (HSPA) will notify Housing and Residence Life (HRL) and the Vice President for Student Affairs of their absence from residence halls and classes is known. 


If a student is unable to travel home, Health Services will contact Housing for a self-isolation re-assignment. Housing will determine a location to self-isolate resident and deliver Room Key to Health Services. Campus Police will be responsible for picking students up from Health Services and transporting them to their housing assignment where they will acquire minimal belongings and transport them then to their “self isolation” location as determined by Housing.

Students will be assigned an RLC advocate during the time they are being self isolated.  This individual will follow up with the student daily to assist them in any way possible.  Students will seek permission from their RLC liaison, who will consult with supervising authorities, to return to their normal daily routine.  Permission should not be sought until student has gone 24 hours without a fever and without the assistance of medication.

Food Service

Students will complete meal plan request form with Health Services. Health Services will advise residents on how delivery to their door will work and that, to minimize spread, staff will knock and depart area, leaving food outside door for resident to retrieve. Residents will be asked if any allergies exist, so alternative options can be delivered.

Residents will have option to “accept” the single option menu for that meal or decline it.  Students who accept the single option menu for that day will have that meal delivered during schedule time frame for that meal.  Residents have the option to not accept the single option menu for that meal and decline delivery of food for that meal.

Residents, who do not have a meal plan, will sign and agree to be billed for meal deliveries that they choose.  A base breakfast, lunch and dinner cost will be established for all meals.  Housing will assume responsibility for billing individual residents.

Housing will meet Aramark employees and distribute meals to resident rooms. Housing staff will mask and glove themselves when delivering meals. Meals will be delivered to resident door where staff will knock and announce meals are being left outside door.  Staff will leave room area before door is answered.